About Us

tshir thoodie store proudly showcases limited edition designer T-shirts, hoodies and other apparels which are unique and stylish for men, women and kids.

Over 90% of our designs are in-house, so you get one-of-a-kind design t-shirt or hoodie, not mass-produced cheapies. However, if you prefer good-quality blanks, we have those too! Just choose any colors that suits your style, mood, personality and occasion. You know what to do!

We are a citizen of the world! Our t-shirts and hoodies are printed-on-demand in US, UK and Asia, and available for orders worldwide. If you receive only some of your items, bear in mind the rests are being shipped from another location. We do this because not all printers offer the right medium at the best price, so not only can we offer the best type, quality and design, we also get to pass on our savings to you.  

We offer flat rate shipping so it wouldn't cost you a bundle to get a taste of our designs a few at a time. We offer sales and bulk discounts, too. Please take good advantage of those - take up the offer when it comes.